WREATHES - Wreathes CD

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WREATHES - Wreathes CD
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This disc captures and reissues the entire output to date of the magnificent Perennialist Pop outfit Wreathes; by uniting their self-titled album (a gorgeous gatefold LP released by Pesanta Urfolk earlier in 2012) and their debut 7" single "The Reigns" b/w "Full Turn" (from 2011, on Bathetic Records). The Wreathes full length LP, already hailed in some circles as the best neofolk album of 2012, seems so much more than what can fit within the limitations of the term neofolk. What one is really presented with here is an incredibly thoughtful, original and unpredictable folk rock album, augmented by elements of ancient and early musics and a fantastically martial sense of rhythm. Aside from the monumental talents of Troy Schafer and Nathaniel Ritter, this album also features guest appearances from Dani Dahlke (Devotion, Silt of the Sphynx's Tor, Kinit Her) and Clay Ruby (Burial Hex). For those of you unfamiliar with Wreathes, the duo of Ritter and Schafer started their dark musical intimacy long ago with a preceding band, the well-beloved Kinit Her. We have been captivated by Kinit Her for many years, as they progressed from mere flurries of primitive forest hymns into billowing gusts of advanced musical ceremony. Now Wreathes has climbed to a triumphant peak within this same architecture. In fact, this easily could be the duo's most profound and holistic working to date. Witness these young masters harness their personal demons and exploit their supernatural earnings in a maelstrom of pounding martial percussion, catchy guitar hooks, vibrant horn arrangements, and the commanding presence of their voices ever locked in the soaring harmonies of arcanum. Wreathes is born! Long live Wreathes!

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