WERKRAUM - Early Love Music 2LP

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WERKRAUM - Early Love Music 2LP
2LP in highest quality heavy paper gatefold cover with inlay - lim.500 / Ahnstern

this is the vinyl-version of Werkraum's incredibly beautiful Folk opus "Early Love Music". this double-LP comes in highest quality 4-side gate-fold album cover with lyrics & photos + insert. several songs are different versions to the CD-release, the vinyl-version is new mastered and it also contains a exclusive bonus-track.
(please note: the vinyl does NOT include the 4 songs of the 3" bonus CD from the wooden CD-box edition!)

15 progressive & traditional, psychedelic & medieval folk songs and chants of Early Love.
15 dreamy memories of the merry blue days from Early Times.
together with friends of the groups CHANGES, LADY MORPHIA and STURMPERCHT.

with "Early Love Music" the German Folkmusician Axel Frank sets a surpassing milestone for the new generation of Folk artists.  a year after releasing his quite Martial/Neoclassical oriented debut on COLD SPRING in 2004, Axel started to play the strings and flutes for STURMPERCHT in 2005.  being heavily involved in composing several great folksongs for STURMPERCHT, Axel got "infected" by Max Percht (Sturmpercht) and found his love in late 60ies / early 70ies Psychedelic- and Progressive-Folk music.  in late 2005 he released his debut in Folk music, the mCD "Kristalle" (actually not a mCD, but a small album with 6 tracks and 34 minutes), which found amazing approval under the audience and under many reviewers all over the planet.  on "Kristalle" Axel was already accompanied by his fellows Nick Nedzynski (LADY MORPHIA), Nicholas Tesluk (CHANGES and PHASE II), Robert N.Taylor (CHANGES) and Antje Hoppenrath, who now again helped Axel in creating several songs and lyrics for "Early Love Music".  further co-musicians on the new album were Hajü, Herr Wind and Max Percht from STURMPERCHT.

"Early Love Music" is not just a Folk album. "Early Love Music" is a quantum leap for the new Folk generation of the third millennium and an enhanced assortment of early and new Folk-styles. Progressive- and Psychedelic Folksongs mix up and alternate with British and German traditionals in the vein of early Donovan (HMS), Spirogyra, Shirley Collins, Mellow Candle, Ougenweide,... just to name a few.  some songs even have a songwriter-like character, as if they were played somewhen in the mid 60ies in a dark Britanny forest by a suicidal Jackson C.Frank or Shawn Phillips.  the complex arrangements and large variety of instruments even remind to The Incredible String Band and some early Acid-Folk bands.  as a dot on the i, "Early Love Music" brings 2 coverversions of Donovan's ingenious fairytale "Jabberwocky" and Steeleye Span's traditional-hit "The Blacksmith".  with "Song for Erik" Nicholas and Axel have created the sadest song ever sung, filling every father's eyes with a lake of tears.

a few excerpts from recent reviews on "Early Love Music":
Recommended album of the month by FOLKOWA - (Poland)
"Ein Folkmanifest, das weit über das hinausgeht, was bislang als Folk bezeichnet wurde." - (9,5/10 - Orkus, D)
"Unterstützt von internationalen Musikern zeigt sich Axel Frank und sein Einmannprojekt einmal mehr hochgradig talentiert ..." - (Sonic Seducer, D)
"A must have for fans of the genre." - (8 - Gothtronic, NL)
"This is one of the best folk releases both I've and probably you'll hear for a long while to come." - (9/10 - Lunar Hypnosis, USA)
"Un CD completísimo, muy agradable de escuchar, con grandes canciones en su plantel y todo ello dedicado al más grande de los sentimientos: el amor." - (9/10 - Mentenebre, ES)
"A mark for the neo-folk scene stepping in the psychedelic/progressive folk scene thanks to a right mentality" - (**** - Psychevanhetfolk, B)
"Besser geht?s einfach nicht." - (10/10 - Obliveon, D)

"With this release, Werkraum places itself among the most representative names emerging from the neofolk scene." - (Filthforge, I)
"Wer in Gowan Ring oder Woven Hand mag, wird diese Werkraum -VÖ lieben." - (Terrorverlag, D)
"A superb album filled with emotional and memorable moments, some of the finest folk music in a long, long time." - (96/100 - Shadows Commence, S)
"Insgesamt hat Werkraum auf dieser CD völlig zu sich gefunden und präsentiert reife und originelle Arrangements." - (Ikonen, D)

"Werkraum haben ein wunderschönes, detailverliebtes und ausgereiftes Album geschaffen, dessen Zauber sich zu entziehen schwer ist." - (Alternativmusik, D)
"A Masterpiece." - (4,5/5 - Postindustry, P)
"Sehr reif, eigenständig und angenehm genrefremd!" - (Satt Feuilleton, D)
"They have far exceeded expectations by creating an album you can't help but fall in love with almost instantly, with its alluring beauty and heartwarming sentiments." - (L. Powell, Judas Kiss, UK)
"I don?t expect to hear a better album than Early Love Music this year." - (S. Collins, Judas Kiss, UK)
"Early Love Music will appeal to anyone who has even a passing intrest in folk- just let Werkraum work their magic on you and you'll see!" - (4/5, Music Machine, UK)
"Early Love Music embraces acid-folk, folk-rock and much else besides and is a delight for all discerning folk listeners. Recommended." - (Tony Dickie, Compulsion, UK)
"A pure Folk album!" - (0,88/1, Kogaionon, RU)
(81/100) - Rockline, Italy
"Early Love Music is a future classic; ten years from now, this will be hailed as a neofolk staple." - (9/10, Chronicles of Chaos, USA)
"Recommended" - (8/10; Stigmata, Belarus)
"I just feel lucky having discovered this record, listening to it is good for me." - (Luna Kafé, Norway)