WEDDING - On Beyond Yuggoth CASS

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WEDDING - On Beyond Yuggoth CASS
Cass lim.100 / Brave Mysteries

Pro-dubbed, imprinted shell, shrink-wrapped cassette on Chrome Plus tape limited to 100 copies.

For their second album, Wedding rip a gaping hole in the astral plane, plunging themselves headlong into an indulgent whirlwind of seething cosmic chaos and violently summon forth what ancient forces still remain. It has been a long time since the world has heard anything from these chaos commandos, but it is obvious that their lengthy silence was spent growing infinitely more powerful than ever before. In 2007 a very limited edition cassette surfaced, marked by only the word 'Wedding', and it featured sixty minutes of psychic drama delivered in dense Power electronics noir. Whereas the vocals of the first album were based on the icy, paranoid atmospheres of William S. Burroughs' Nova Express, their latest trasmission is thematically derived from the Necronomicon and the dynamic madness of her chthonic lore. Blistering raw electronics writhe and twist under a deluge of possessed incantation. Endless details shift and mutate around you as you run frantic through a fragmented nightmare of mental and spiritual instability. Clawing your way from dimension to dimension, through plane after plane, brutally suffering from the nausea of quick-cut fluctuations between hyper-awareness and a delusional and muddled numbness. Astral paralysis grips you as these two lunatics manipulate the dark codes to guide the ship. You barely keep your grip, as the vessel recklessly tears through time and space. No doubt they now see themselves as crowned conquerors and bards of the nonsense technology of Leviathan herself, and no doubt their appetite is whet and the air is ripe with the smell of blood.

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