VINTERRIKET - Horizontmelancholie DVDplus

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VINTERRIKET - Horizontmelancholie DVDplus
DVDplus in digipack with booklet / Heimatfolk HF07

DVDplus is a double-sided disc with audio on one side and video on the other side!

Vinterriket was born in 1996 as a one-man project in order to capture the dark side of nature. "Horizontmelancholie" features 7 tracks full of coldness, melancholy and chilling atmospheres. "Horizontmelancholie" is a pure NeoFolk masterpiece and a tribute to the darkest side of mother nature. Haunting and cold electronic soundscapes are mixed with atmospheric acoustic guitars and clean vocals. "Horizontmelancholie" is a conceptual album, a masterpiece of haunting and evocative aural tapestries, an emotive display of tension and calm. A darkened imagery of shadowed forests and expansive still landscapes. Join the journey into the deepest side of the forest and get lost in misty, snow-covered hills and majestic mountain landscapes. "Horizontmelancholie" was mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum / Sturmpercht) at the Blue Lounge Studios, Berlin, Germany. The whole album is featured as music CD and DVD on one disc. Enter the realm of desolation and emptiness... Aural and visual....

"Horizontmelancholie" is pure NEOFOLK!
no Metal - no Ambient!

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