V/A - Systemic 02 CD

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V/A - Systemic 02 CD
CD / Systemic Audio

Listen and be enlightened. Contained herein are 15 tracks of the finest the underground has to offer, chock full of industrial, breakcore, idm, dark ambient, drones, and noise. Featuring excerpts from current and upcoming releases, this compilation is a "who's who" of the scene's current and upcoming leading lights. From the grinding industrial beats of Zymosiz, to the breakcore smackdown of Xanopticon, to the smooth idm of Xyn, to the deep ambient catacombs of Jarl, to the swirling noise storm of NTT, every track is a new revelation. Also includes music from: Axiome, Duran Duran Duran, Larvae, subtractiveLAD, Mad E.P, Exillon, Visions, Maath, Troum, and S.Q.E. 100% pure sonic innovation, and no derivatives.

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