UNDER THE SNOW - The Other Room CD

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UNDER THE SNOW - The Other Room CD
CD / Silentes

Seven “rooms” described through the visual essentiality of sober and linear photographic images in black and white, and through sonorities just as essential based on whispered and discrete synthesis, often bordering on silence, violated by occasional harshness, chimes of plucked strings, hissings, cracklings, electrical tensions, gurgles and digital creaks... An intimate and introspective path, through long and deserted corridors, entering spacious and bright rooms surrounded by white large walls, walking on reflective polished floors, cold and aseptic just like the sounds that Gianluca Favaron and Stefano Gentile chose to ideally fill with vibrations their spaces and architectural forms... A limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies in cartonsleeve. Each copy contains a different slide.

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