UN DEFI D'HONNEUR - Verdun 1916 CD

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UN DEFI D'HONNEUR - Verdun 1916 CD
CD / Vrihaspati Records

The second full-length album of A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR's French alias UN DEFI D'HONNEUR. this is the first full-length release of this french counterpart since the 'Aurore de Gloire' album (2003) on the Belgian label NEUROPA. In 2005 UN DEFI D'HONNEUR released a 12" in a gatefold cover on the same label and that release was packed with re-arranged material from the debut album. Now Peter Savelkoul returns with 8 brandnew tracks of Martial/Neo-Classical music, with some very suprising compositions.

mp3:   Rue de Verdun  -  Tranchées sous bois  -  Le fort de Souville  -  Fort de Moulainville