SVARROGH - Temple of the Sun mCD

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SVARROGH - Temple of the Sun mCD
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Welcome to Svarrogh's "Temple of the sun".
Bells and whispers are droning through empty places, through empty cities.
Black Forests, silver skies, and deep blue seas drown grey, abandoned vastness into a flow of lightened wine and honey.
"Temple of the Sun" is a decadent and transcendental journey with mandoline, tamboura, mighty synths, bulgarian folklore, deep balcan voices and european ambient as well as blizzard guitars and several elements from the black metal past of Svarrogh.
This mini album is a macrocosmic european theme - although still mainly bulgarian and balcan - a gathering of pagan culture with fragments from modern world.
Wine and honey will flow through grey streets, through cities of glass, weeping giants cry out in sorrow - welcome to Svarrogh's temple of decadence.