SLUMBERWOOD - Yawling Night Songs CD

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SLUMBERWOOD - Yawling Night Songs CD
digi CD / A Silent Place

Slumberwood is a young Italian collective formed by a group of artists based in the Northern town of Padova, dabbling in various media, including film, visual arts and of course music. On Yawling Night Songs the collective are assisted by Jennifer Gentle leader Marco Fasolo, who not only performs but records and produces this album - and it's a record that indicates an eclectic mix of influences. The group are keen to profess their love of Werner Herzog, Coil, Nurse With Wound, This Heat and Big Star. Clearly some of those names don't naturally slot in next to one another, but in Slumberwood's blend of tangential, often rather sinister post-rock ('The Bride Side'), blissful acoustic song-scaping ('Thru Crop Fields'), and manic, noise-layering psychedelia ('Galline'), this mindset-hopping blend makes a certain amount of sense.