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LP lim.300 / Einheit Produktionen, Black Megalith

Pagan/Black metal, limited to 300 copies black vinyl + full coloured info sheet.
Long-running German Epic Pagan Metal band SAXORIOR will release their sixth album "Saksen", which narrates the migration of the ancient pagan Saxons from the outset of the first documented mention until the christianization. Lyrics deal with glory and suffering, Hengist and Horsa, the blood bath of Verden to the last grand uprising against the christian yoke. The ancient diction, epic songs and the treatment of historic themes make this masterpiece come across very authentic.

#### OSTSEE ZEITUNG: "With "Saksen" SAXORIOR erect a worthy memorial to their ancestors: the band´s best CD so far is a well of unique melodies, epic anthems and perfectly crafted songs. The entirely German lyrics are a confession of faith that deeply touches in places." (Jens-Uwe Berndt) LEGACY: ??everybody into epically charged Black-Death-Thrash - or just more than a solid Pagan mixture - this one is perfect for you. Absolutely heroic.? 11/15 Points (Bruno Kaiser)

#### METALLIAN (F): "A new massive and pagan act from German warriors SAXORIOR. Twenty years of conviction and epic war !" (Florent Bécognée)

#### VAMPSTER: "For those who like solemn, straight epic Black / Death Metal, SAXORIOR is the right address "Saksen" - full of strong Saxon battle anthems!" (Arlette Huguenin-Dumittan)

#### STORMBRINGER: "After seven years SAXORIOR are back with "Saksen" and they deliver a idiosyncratic, unique Melodic Black record with lyrical content not as worn out as with many other artists from this genre. The formation hailing from Pirna /Germany completely relies on German language, which gives the lyrics a great raw character, rounding out the album to a very recommendable affair. Especially to those who are fed up with metal dealing with mythology or history." (Pascal Staub)

#### BLEEDING4METAL: "After a long, long time the seasoned warriors march into a musical battle again - and as a weapon they carry the history-charged Pagan Black Metal-Album "Saksen"."(Krümel).