ROBERTO OPALIO - The Last Night Of... Vol. I & II 2CD

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ROBERTO OPALIO - The Last Night Of The Angel Of Glass, Vol. I & II 2CD
2CD / A Silent Place

"Double CD set reissuing the acclaimed "The last night of the Angel of Glass, Vol.I", original soundtrack to the omonimous film by Roberto Opalio (released on the long-out-of-print DVD-R/CD-R set by Foxglove, USA), plus the totally previously unreleased "Vol.II" (entire disc 2), representing the second half of a unique recording session. The work here available for the first time in its entire and remastered version was recorded by the artist himself at home in Torino, Italy, on November 1st 2005, while his camera, set on the balcony, was filming Opalio's glass-art creation (the Angel) animated by the soft light of a candle under a blackened sky. Here are the words by the artist himself, reported as liner notes inside the 6-panels gatefold sleeve featuring stills taken from the film: 'my voice/ my astral guitar/ instants of life/ home/ window of memories/ blue afternoon/ winter 2005/ cold burning flame/ torino/ whispers of glass/ suspended/ between/ day & night/ before black falls'. Released in an elegant matt varnished digi-sleeve." - A Silent Place