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digiCD lim.100 / Brave Mysteries

Until now, it has been very rare that anyone gets more than just a glimpse of French multi-media renegade Alaxis Andreas G. Whether it be from his old cult electro works as Le Syndicat Electronique, any number of short lived underground labels (like Zu Sammen, Musamore Editions, Octroi Records, Religion Nouvelle, Totsoluna Disc, or his latest incarnation San France Disko), our very own release of his terrific Shiny Black Mater project on Brave Mysteries; or perhaps you even saw the delightful short video for "Join the Song", which was our first introduction to an obscure project called Précurseur Grand Bois. This video features a brightly costumed wildman going for an exploratory dance in the woods with his trusty dog, all to the looping pulse of filtered analog synth sequences grinding against acoustic guitar strumming, pounding drums, and a strange little voice egging on the proceedings. An eager search for this odd fellow eventually leads to a string of highly limited, private press 10" records, each featuring a handful of catchy sonic vignettes that somehow exist at a blurry crossroads between fraternal circus sideshow marching band music and coldwave electro dungeon cassette jams. After collecting and attempting to behold as much Précurseur Grand Bois as we possibly could, we quickly felt compelled to commission from Alaxis Andreas G. the complete Précurseur Grand Bois discography on one CD. It is now our pleasure to present the resulting hour-long surrealist post-industrial masterpiece.