OF THE WAND AND THE MOON - Tunes For A Twilight Tears For A Nightime CASS

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OF THE WAND AND THE MOON - Tunes For A Twilight Tears For A Nightime CASS
Cass lim.100 / Brave Mysteries

Pro-dubbed, imprinted shell, shrink-wrapped cassette on Chrome Plus tape limited to 100 copies.

Anyone enjoying European Neofolk over the last twenty years has undoubtedly run into the music of Kim Larsen and his primary project, :Of The Wand & The Moon:. His music tends to be steeped in thick nocturnal production centered on guitar driven balladry, topped with shadowy whispered vocals. Yet, the momentum of the music is not driven by hiding itself within its dark atmospherics, but rather is propelled by the heartfelt yearning of the songwriter. This album is a collection of newly recorded versions of much loved songs from the last 18 years of music.Essentially acoustic guitar, melodica, vocals, sombre hooks of longing gently pulsing away below a candlelit croon. As long time fans will notice, after nearly two decades of perfecting his vocal delivery, Kim sounds more stark and intimate than ever, rendering these the tenderest of his offerings to date. Recorded live, in their home studio, here we get a taste of how they are on stage in the current year. This release is intended to celebrate their current US tour which culminates in a performance here in our Wisconsin homeland. So let's all raise our hearts and our glasses, hail hail hail!