NOSESOUL - Ethik Blues / Winterbirds Helped... CD+DVD

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NOSESOUL - Ethik Blues / Winterbirds Helped the Passengers CD+DVD
CD+DVD / Oltrelanebbiailmare

A fascinating album of ambient music that straddles the worlds of comfortable quite sounds (that continually morph and expand)... and darker more introspective tones (that arouse a more turbulant and mysterious character). Atmospherics for nightfall. Large enveloping soundscapes that completely overtake the senses. Similar (in some ways) to the unmistakable style of OPIUM. Evocative drone-core infused with subtle vocal elements. "ETHIK BLUES" is the soundtrack of the DVD "WINTERBIRDS HELPED THE PASSENGERS" (a truly wonderful movie by FRANCESCO PALADINO). One hour of pure sonic-bliss to completely loose oneself in. An amazing milestone for ambient/isolationistic music lovers, and definitely not to be missed by fans of this genera.

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