MOR / LIHOLESIE - Death Comes From The North LP (black)

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MOR / LIHOLESIE - Death Comes From The North LP (black)
black LP lim.100 / Myrkr

This is more than just a split. This is real album just splitted for two sides. All music were written and recorded especially for this release. North and Death. MOR submitted single track consisting of 4 parts (20 minutes) in their predictable “progressive” and melodic style. Two cold ambience by Siberian LIHOLESIE at the other side. No rehearsal, unreleased and other lousy shitty records. All recorded in one studio, at the same sound, that all were looked like it was a concept album as in audio part and as in design!
For fans of Sólstafir, Ihsahn, Enslaved, Borknagar and Forgotten Woods. Vinyl LP edition comes with 12"x24" full-color insert.

“Two horns up! One of the better split albums I came across recently.” – Diabolical Conquest web-zine

“Blend of melodic post rock, and abstract black metal, heavy, super well produced and darkly dramatic” – Aquarius Records

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