MERZBOW - Escape Mask LP

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MERZBOW - Escape Mask LP
LP lim.150 / Other Voices

Rather unusual album if you know Merzbow by his trademark wall of pure noise. Recorded back in 1983 Escape Mask reveals us well hidden side of Masami Akita. Psychedelic atonal guitar-driven noise, samples, technoid drum machine patterns and even some inclusions of vocals all together evoke sweet memories of Throbbing Gristle or early SPK. Originally released as C-60 cassette (zsfm-010) on ZSF Produkt, Japan
and digitally re-mastered from original cassette in july 2012 at Munemihouse, Tokyo.
A must have for all true industrial/noise freaks as well as drone-metal youngsters.

All music by Masami Akita

MA plays guitar, violin, rhythm box, tapes, noise & effects
Recorded & Mixed at ZSF Produkt, Tokyo 1983

Vinyl version also Released on Lowest Music & Arts 1980-1983 10 LP Box (VOD108) in 2012 on Vinyl On Demand,

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