M.B. - Dicembre 1980 CASS

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M.B. - Dicembre 1980 CASS
Cass lim.100 / Brave Mysteries

Pro-dubbed, imprinted shell, shrink-wrapped cassette on Chrome Plus tape limited to 100 copies.

Maurizio Bianchi should require little introduction for most of our patrons. From the late 70s to the present, he has released countless titles of post-modernist sound collage. As MB and under his earlier incarnation of Sacher Pelz, Bianchi started off firmly rooted in the post-kosmische, iconoclastic wasteland of early Industrial musics. Unlike many of his peers, his was a sound not as preoccupied with expressing aggression, violence and disgust with the world around them. MB seemed more intent on exploring the further reaches of consciousness. Bianchi would be found focusing more on the inner and astral worlds and how one negotiates and navigates the spaces between. His music was transcendent in it's absurdity.

This cassette is from a series of recording sessions from 1980 that took place at MB's studio in Milan. Less of a complete album work and more like a sketch for a work-in-progress; but what it lacks in precision and resolve, this important historical artifact compensates for with charm. Look no further than "Dicembre 1980" to experience over an hour of MB jamming on his modular synth circa-1980 on your own hi-fi.