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MAURIZIO BIANCHI meets ROADSIDE PICNIC - Dictatorship Of Dead Labour CD
CD lim.250 / 4iB Records

CD in Jewel Case
Individually Numbered
Limited Edition 250 Copies

Dictatorship of Dead Labour is a collaborative release that features the imaginative efforts of Birmingham’s visual/installation/conceptual artist Justin Wiggan’s solo noise project Roadside Picnic and Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.), an Italian pioneer of industrial music. This intriguing project marries sound experimentalist Justin Wiggan’s immersed expedition of field recording, samples, treated loops and drones manifested through the calming nature of Maurizio Bianchi’s almost ambient soundscapes.

Placating murmurs are faintly obvious in the distant background of the first track Dictatorship of Dead Labour. Here, minimal layers of white noise, radio frequencies and field recording hums and hisses build up progressively over voices of rhythmic recitals in search of deliverance. The manipulative development of ambient noise soundscapes encapsulates the aural meditative environment, giving the track a much in-depth nuance around the realm of solace that has been built into the overall surrounding.

In The Clearing, there is still maintenance of the minimalistic approach to sound implementation. However, the static layers of textural electronic interference soon break apart as they escalate to a peak and then arrive to an abrupt burst of abrasive gut-wrenching white noise. The overall progressive build up of organic sound segments drowned under impending layers of textural organic loops manipulate the listener into an abysmal feeling of desolation amid complex sonic chaos. This eventual end of harsh industrial pandemonium shatters the peace and tranquility of the ambient trance-like aural echo. The final epiphany is how the line between art and music gets distorted through deeper exploration and discovery of space and void, demonstrating the disunion of parameters between sound and silence, everything and nothing.

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