KINETIX - White Rooms 2CD

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KINETIX - White Rooms 2CD
digi 2CD / SmallVoices

According to the liner notes, this 2cd set of acousmatic minimalism from the Italian composer Gianluca Becuzzi - here working under the moniker Kinetix - centers on "the relationship between physical space and acoustic space." The work certainly jumps from the classic minimalist piece "I Am Sitting In A Room" by Alvin Lucier; and the text of that piece actually gets reprised by, presumably, Becuzzi's voice at the end of disc one amidst a sea of buzzing drones. If Becuzzi is in fact rebroadcasting the same frequencies dozens, maybe hundreds of times in particular rooms, he's not applying the linear accumulation that gave the Lucier piece its telescopic psychedelia. Instead, Becuzzi slices and dices those recordings into spatialized musique concrete compositions that are halfway between the ultra-minimalist work of Ryoji Ikeda situated beneath the psychosexualized vocal delivery found on Luc Ferrari or Robert Ashley pieces. Becuzzi has certainly manipulated and filtered many of the frequencies in his recycling resonance recordings, as there are extreme low-end and high-end frequencies that could only be generated with some digital help. This artificiality is emphasized through Becuzzi's many jump cuts from various rasping drones in and out of silences, with male and female voices whispering throughout in both English and Italian. Alongside those aforementioned composers, Francisco Lopez, Bernhard Gunter, and Sachiko M might be other references to this intriguing set of electro-acoustics.

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