KAZERIA & APHLAR - In Bolskan: A Conceptual Work CD

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KAZERIA & APHLAR - In Bolskan: A Conceptual Work CD
CD / Gradual Hate Records

Kazeria, the well known Martial / Neoclassical act from Argentina, presents its latest work: "In Bolskan"; an epic journey evoking the ancient past of northern Aragˇn, in the Kingdom of Spain. During a recent travel to that region, Kazeria conceived the album to express its impressions on archaic traditions and the great symbolic heritage found there.

The album was composed by the fruitful collaboration between Kazeria and Aphlar, a rustic and energetic neofolk act, also from Buenos Aires.
The tracks deliver a sophisticated blend of ritual ambient; martial percussions (taken live from the traditional drummers of Huesca; the town once named Bolskan...) and a strong neofolk approach, due to Aphlar┤s guitars and voice. These elements create an evocative atmosphere, dealing with pre-christian and medieval times.

To those familiar to the these styles and bands like Of The Wand and The Moon, Nebelung, Falkenstein, Raison D┤etre, Apoptose or Ain Soph, they will find in "In Bolskan" a conceptual and very interesting album.

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