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CD in oversized foldout-cover with inlays / Percht 16

Going back to far away times, HREFNESHOLT digs out long forgotten, ancient tales amongst the myths of the Upper Austrian forests. These legends of sinister and primal fears were too terrible to be retold and people wanted to forget them over the centuries. Now these ancient tales are finally being retold in "Urangst", the newly released debut album of HREFNESHOLT.
„Uraungst“ is a mixture of dark, organic Ambient, Folk, a slight Black Metal touch and spoken/sung lyrics and tales in Austrian dialect. HREFNESHOLT is purest Doom Folk and uncompareable with any other music style. The initial recordings of „Uraungst“ took place in the Fluesterwald (whispering forest) Studio in 2009. In autumn 2010 the album was finally completed and mixed at Luftschutzkerker Studio by cz of Vinterriket, Sturmpercht, Atomtrakt, Nebelkorona, Fräkmündt,...

tracklist / mp3s:
1. Percht (da Einbringa) - 1:11
2. I bin da Woid - 12:59
3. Hexnfeia – 5:37
4. Hoamat – 5:41
5. Wurzlmann – 11:51
6. Unruahnocht - 3:54
7. Fuchtelmandln – 23:56
8. Dunklmoos - 6:53
9. Stoana (da Aussischmeissa) - 1:00