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Cass lim.100 / Brave Mysteries

Pro-dubbed, imprinted shell, shrink-wrapped cassette on Chrome Plus tape limited to 100 copies.

A doomed scene under bright paisley skies; the Horrid Red crew sit together, a soft acoustic guitar strums timeless chords. Their muse Bunker Wolf towers at the center reciting poetry that, while holding no particular meaning to his fellow travelers, does manage to elicit a sense of harmony within this band that has begun to dissolve the angst and the urgency which once drove them together. Fleeing the neon petulance of their early EPs and ripping up the opium-fueled scrolls of bewildering New Wave that scripted the last couple Horrid Red albums, our Teutonic heroes of fearless post-punk hauntology have returned with a new full length album that is overflowing with surprises. Not unlike some lost gem from the rootsy heyday of Slash Records, but with the musky sadness of a transatlantic modernity behind its ears, this is easily one of Horrid Red?s most focused and brilliant gathering of songs. Profound and poignant minimalism stirred up by mysterious sound design and ever emotive melodies leave the listener raw and yearning. Yet, where this collection of songs lands the listener in a much more introspective place than previous Horrid Red offerings, it reaches for the connection and concord of perfect Pop music ever more. Motorik rhythms pound over a glaze of marimba, pedal steel, expressionist electronics, gauzy acoustic guitars and other unpredictable arrangements. As is to be expected, these newly explored territories seethe below the romantic guitar hooks and the gritty command of German verse that will always clash within the heart of this unparalleled ensemble.