EWIGKEIT - Battle Furies 2.017 LP

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EWIGKEIT - Battle Furies 2.017 LP
LP lim.100 / Beverina

''Battle Furies 2.017'' - the completely re-recorded debut album originally released in 1997 on Eldethorn (UK and Japan).

James Fogarty says: ''Ewigkeit's origins are in the tapetrading days of the mid 90's Black Metal scene, and this 'new' album is a rediscovery of those roots. The music is my own interpretation of the keyboard-laden midpaced Black Metal and atmospheric Death Metal which I had been listening to as a teenager.

This complete re-recording has not been undertaken for commercial reasons - I am simply interested in correcting my past mistakes; these were due to my own naivety of the recording process and a restrictive budget / studio time. The original recordings from 1997 were not something I am proud of at all. My desire to correct these mistakes, alongside my own indulgence in nostalgia, has resulted in the completion of ''Battle Furies 2.017''. It is now an album which I am finally happy with!''.

James Fogarty is the member of In The Woods..., Jaldaboath, Old Forest, Sollertia, Svartelder, The Bombs of Enduring Freedom, Blacksmoke, Con.Dev.Ex and The Feral Underclass.