ECHRAN - In Offret CD

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ECHRAN - In Offret CD
CD / A Silent Place

"In Offret" is the second Echran full length after the acclaimed self-titled debut (released by the Italian SmallVoices label in 2005). Echran is the electronic project of Davide Del Col and Fabio Volpi, who has worked over the last few years with the Milanese audio/video collective Otolab. Starting in 2003, the project joins two different kinds of experiences: one is gloomy and ambient, the other is noise-based with a psychedelic attitude. Echran s dark electronic soundscapes are not easy to pigeonhole there s a constant metronome-like pulse that could be compared to Pan Sonic or some Basic Channel-inspired minimal techno, but at the same time it s not really ambient or droning. French lyrics give the record an elegant touch of soft velvet atmosphere.

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