DARKWOOD - Swords In Stone CASS

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DARKWOOD - Swords In Stone CASS
Cass lim.200 / Brave Mysteries

Pro-dubbed, imprinted shell, shrink-wrapped cassette on Chrome Plus tape limited to 200 copies.

The gentle and majestic folk stylings of the band Darkwood are already familiar to most of our patrons. Since 1999, the Dresden-based act have accomplished a steady stream of albums which have garnered high praise in the Neofolk and post-Industrial underground. Under the direction of singer-songwriter Henryk Vogel, Darkwood has created a consistent, disciplined and exquisite repertoire. Mainly built up around the soft acoustic guitar strums and evocative voice of Herr Vogel, the Darkwood sound is often augmented by subtle accordion, violin, cello, flute, vocal harmonies and percussive arrangements. While primarily occupying the classic and well-worn Germanic campfire sound, Darkwood periodically frequent the realms of martial fantasy while maintaining their signature atmosphere of serene stateliness. Brave Mysteries are very pleased with this opportunity to present these recordings as they are both nostalgic and timeless, finding tranquility in conflict while waging a peaceful innocence in an age of disruptive modernity. Featuring songs from throughout their career, this collection can be seen as both a retrospective and a rarities compilation. Many tracks on display are alternate mixes and unreleased versions appearing here for the very first time. This tape is limited to 200 copies, and it is especially manufactured to support the rare live appearances of Darkwood on their first US tour in the Spring of 2015.

A1, A2, A5, A6, A7, + B8 originally release on 'Notwendfeuer' 2006.
A3 originally release on 'Schicksalsfahrt' 2013.
B1 originally release on 'Weltenwende' 2003.
B6 + B7 originally release on 'Ins Dunkle Land' 2009.

A4 alternative version from 'Schicksalsfahrt' 2013.
B2 alternative version from 'In The Fields' 1999.
B3 alternative version from 'Weltenwende' 2003.
B4 + B5 alternative version from 'Flammende Welt' 2001.

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