BISCLAVERET - Theu Anagnosis CD (white)

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BISCLAVERET - Theu Anagnosis CD (white)
white cover CD lim.111 / Zoharum, Steinklang

fantastic new album by Bisclaveret in 3 special editions, co-released by Zoharum and Steinklang. Catchy Ritual Dark-Ambient with mantric vocals, Piano, Sitar, Tablas, Tibetan Flutes and Bells. The Atmosphere reminds to some passages from BODYS RICE's brilliant "Hatesville" album, as well as to the fantastic but long forgotten OMALA album, but much darker and more Ambient.

BISCLAVERET returns with a new album entitled "Theu Anagnosis". It is a concept album, similarly to the previous 2 albums. In 8 compositions here the musicians captured a mystical-philosophical treatise of sorts. The first part of it, namely "An Introduction to Reading God", was presented on 7" vinyl split with Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim. By means of lyrics and music the duo creates apparently surreal own world of sounds devoid of "here and now." They propose their own vision of the Absolute which is seen through the eyes of mystics, madmen and free thinkers. The band invites us on a psychedelic wandering into the depth of ego, on a metaphysical adventure in the world of music painted with various colours, shapes and stories. Dreams of a madman? Calls of a scholar? Experience of a hermit? It all melts in a lava of many cultures. Yet here it creates a crystal, but heterogenic image. What is it like? Check it yourselves.

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