ART ABSCONS - Vita Abscondi CASS

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ART ABSCONS - Vita Abscondi CASS
Cass lim.100 / Brave Mysteries

Pro-dubbed, imprinted shell, shrink-wrapped cassette on Chrome Plus tape limited to 100 copies.

For too short a period between 2009 and 2013, a mysterious spirit known as Grandmaster Abscon would cross over the thin threshold and mount a young man from Germany named Michael, who also would go by the name Art. Apparently this spirit was able to coax a handsome repertoire of potent folk and pop music while possessing and influencing this man during both daylight and dreams. Leaving behind a body of work, much of which is so impressive and unique that it will no doubt endure far beyond these few short years Abscon came down to ride this particular horse. We have no further information of what has become of this man or the spirit that once possessed him, it had seemed as though Abscon abandoned his earthly steed at the height of their collective powers, because these sessions are evidence of a growing mastery in their executions of Abscon's art. However, there appear to be trickling forth new hints at the Grandmaster not yet releasing his tenuous clutch on our medium-troubadour.

Not unlike a certain fellow folkish traveler who recently rerecorded many of his great works in a very basic live studio setting and deemed them "Totenpop" versions, Abscon joins forces with some dear kindred to recreate his music in very raw and direct renditions, giving a new sense of lively spirit to many already beloved songs. If you have spent time with his albums then you will hear many memorable tunes on this cassette, as nearly every album in AA's discography is represented. Despite such a stripped down operation and thus being unable to indulge these songs in the same Gainsbourg-ian decadence they were treated with on their studio counterparts, there is no less of an uplifting beauty to the music and no less depth of character to the atmosphere. In fact, this small grouping expertly conveys the melodious glory of Abscon in using only acoustic guitar, bass, organ, simple percussion, and rousing male/female vocal harmonies.